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New Articles Posted in Resource Area

A number of new articles are available in the QTI resource area.

  • Tobacco Addiction – Overview Chapter (PDF)
  • Do u smoke after txt? Results of a randomised trial of smoking cessation using mobile phone text messaging (PDF)
  • Passive Smoking and the Development of Cardiovascular Disease in Children: A Systematic Review (PDF)
  • Motivational interviewing versus prescriptive advice for smokers who are not ready to quit (PDF)
  • Cigarette Smoking and Oral Lesions Other Than Cancer (PDF)
  • Tobacco industry issues management organizations: Creating a global corporate network to undermine public health (PDF)
  • Risk Assessment of Pesticide Exposure on Health of Pakistani Tobacco Farmers (PDF)
  • Knowledge of Health Effects and Intentions to Quit among Smokeless Tobacco Users in India: Findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation (ITC) India Pilot Survey (PDF)
  • Approach to Smoking Cessation in the Patient With Vascular Disease (PDF)
  • “Working to shape what society’s expectations of us should be”: Philip Morris’ societal alignment strategy (PDF)
  • Tobacco Use or Body Mass – Do They Predict Tuberculosis Mortality in Mumbai, India? Results from a Population-Based Cohort Study (PDF)
  • Environmental health impacts of tobacco farming: a review of the literature (PDF)

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