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QTI Publications

Project Quit Tobacco International: Laying the Groundwork for Tobacco Cessation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Mark Nichter, Mimi Nichter, Myra Muramoto and Project Quit Tobacco International Asia Pac J Public Health 2010 22: 181S
Laying the Groundwork for Tobacco Cessation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Nichter M, Nichter M, Muramoto 2010 Quit Tobacco International: Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 2010
"Bringing Smoking Cessation to Diabetes Clinics in Indonesia".
  • Ng,N, Nichter, M, Prabandari YS, Padmawati RS, Nichter,m and Muramoto,M Chronic Illness 2010
Developing a smoke free household initiative: an Indonesian case study.
  • Mimi Nichter, Mark Nichter, Retna Siwi Padmawati, and Nawi Ng]. Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica 2010
Tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure during pregnancy in low- and middle-income countries- the need for social and cultural research.pdf
  • Nichter, Mimi, Greaves, L., Bloch, M., Paglia, M., Scarinci, I., Tolosa, J., and Novotny T.
Doctors’ behaviour & skills for tobacco cessation in Kerala
  • K.R. Thankappan,A.S. Pradeepkumar &Mark Nichter* Indian J Med Res 129, March 2009, pp 249-255
Smoking cessation and diabetes control in Kerala, India: an urgent need for health education
  • C.U. Thresia, K.R. Thankappan and M. Nichter HEALTH EDUCATION RESEARCH Advance Access published March 30, 2009
Anthropological Contributions to the Development of Culturally Appropriate Tobacco Cessation Programmes-A Global Health Priority
  • Mark Nichter, Mimi Nichter,S.Padmawati, C.U. Thresia, and Project Quit Tobacco International Group. In: R.Hahn and M. Inhorn(eds.) Anthropology and Public Health. Oxford University Press, 2009
Smoking among diabetes patients in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: cessation efforts are urgently needed.
  • Padmawati RS, Ng N, Prabandari YS, et al. Tropical Medicine and International Health 14(4): 1–8, 2009.
The need for cessation of tobacco use among patients with tuberculosis in Kerala.
  • Thresia CU, Thankappan KR, Nichter M. The National Medical Journal of India 22(6), 2009, 333
Reading culture from tobacco advertisements in Indonesia.
  • Mimi Nichter M, Padmawati RS, Danardono ,M, Mark Nichter. Tobacco Control 18: 98–107, 2009.
Case Control Study of smoking and death in India.
  • K R Thankappan, G K Mini. New England Journal of Medicine 2008; 358: 2842-43
Smoking behavior among former tuberculosis patients in Indonesia: intervention is needed.
  • Ng N, Padmawati RS, Prabandar YS et al. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 12(5): 567–572,2008.
Smoking among tuberculosis patients in Kerala, India: proactive cessation efforts are urgently needed.
  • A.S. Pradeepkumar, K.R.Thankapan Nichter Mark. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 2008;12: 1139–1145
Physician assessment of patient smoking in Indonesia: a public health priority.
  • Ng N, Prabandari YS, Padmawati RS, et al. Tobacco Control 16: 190–196, 2007.
Tobacco use & social status in Kerala
  • K. R. Thankappan & C. U. Thresia Indian J Med Res 126, October 2007, pp 300-308
Introducing tobacco cessation in developing countries: an overview of Project Quit Tobacco International
  • M Nichter for the Project Quit Tobacco International Group, Tob. Control 2006;15;12-17
Tobacco use among medical professionals in Kerala, India: the need for enhanced tobacco cessation and control efforts.
  • S. Mohan, A.S. Pradeepkumar, C.U. Thresia, K.R. Thankappan, W.S.C. Poston, C.K. Haddock, M.M. Pinkston, M.L. Muramoto, Mimi Nichter, Mark Nichter, H.A. Lando. Addictive Behaviors 2006; 31: 2313–2318.
Tobacco use in Kerala: findings from three recent studies
  • A.S. Pradeepkumar, S. Mohan, P. Gopalakrishnan, P. Sankara Sarma, K.R. Thankappan, Mark Nichter. The National Medical Journal of India 2005; 18(3): 148–153.
Access to pocket money and low educational performance predict tobacco use among adolescent boys in Kerala, India
  • S. Mohan, P. Sankara Sarma, K.R. Thankappan. Preventive Medicine 2005; 41: 685–692.


QTI Posters

  • TB & Tobacco Use: Project Quit Tobacco International - 3 Lessons From India (PPT)
  • Developing a smoke free household initiative in Indonesia (PDF)
  • Smoking Cessation for Diabetes Patients: Results of a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial in Kerala, India (PDF)
  • Quit Tobacco International (QTI): Building Capacity for Tobacco Cessation Training (PDF)

WCTOH 2012 Indonesia Posters

  • Developing Tobacco-Related Disesease Modules into Existing Medical Curriculum: Lessons from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Gajah Mada (PDF)
  • Educational Materials and Resources for Tobacco Cessation: Project Quit Tobacco Indonesia (PDF)
  • Doctor's Messages and DOTS Providers' Follow Up: Results of a Pilot Research Project Promoting Tobacco Cessation for TB Patients in Indonesia (PDF)
  • Smoking Prevalence and Attitudes Toward Tobacco Education Among Medical Students in 3 Universities in Indonesia (PDF)
  • Smoking Cessation Intervention through Primary Health Centers: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial from Kerala, India (PDF)
  • Media Engagement in Tobacco Control: Development and Release of a Media Kit (PDF)
  • Smokeless Tobacco Use among Tuberculosis Patients in Karnataka, India: Urgent need in cessation services (PDF)
  • Assessing the Readiness to Integrate Tobacco Control in Medical Curriculum - Experiences from Five Medical Colleges in South India (PDF)
  • Tobacco Cessation Services for In-Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Northern Kerala, India (JPG)
  • Integrating Tobacco in Undergraduate Medical Education in Karnataka, India (PDF)
  • Working with Women's Group to Mobilize Community Support for Smoke Free Homes: A Case Study from Kerala, India (PDF)

WCTOH 2009

  • Tobacco Advertising in Yogyakarta, Indonesia: Reading Culture From Advertisements (PDF)
  • Implementation of a Tobacco Free Campus Policy at the Faculty of Medicine at Two Medical Schools in Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia and its Impact on Smoking Behavior among Medical Students